Lover Pretend is out now on Nintendo Switch™!

Lover Pretend is out now on Nintendo Switch™!

02 dicembre 2022

Chiyuki lands a dream job working on a film but encounters more drama than she bargained for!

Lover Pretend is available now for Nintendo Switch™! In this hilarious rom-com otome game, Chiyuki takes a job as the assistant screenwriter on a film production in order to find answers about her mysterious father, but instead finds herself the centre of attention.

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About the game:

Chiyuki lives alone, spending her days busily studying at college and her nights working late as a part-timer. She has two dreams: one is to become a screenwriter, the same aspiration her mother had before she died, and the other is to find the father she’s never known. The only clue Chiyuki has is that her mother wrote a script for a popular drama series before she was born. “Maybe someone involved in the film knows something…?”

The same director is filming a new series with sons of the men who worked on that previous one as part the crew. Chiyuki joins the production as an assistant screenwriter and searches for answers as she tries her best at her new job. But as fate would have it, she is pursued by the sons involved in the production. Chiyuki tells herself she’s simply pretending and that she’s not really in love, or is she? Will Chiyuki, who knows nothing of real love, be able to write her own story?