Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery Available Now!

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery Available Now!

27 aprile 2023

Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery is available now for Nintendo Switch™!

Purchase the Standard Edition now on the Aksys EU Online Store!

An arcade shooter reminiscent of Japanese Festival games, Spooky Spirit Shooting Gallery features three modes and an assortment of minigames for a creepy good time.

Earn tokens by carefully aiming for and shooting goodies off the shelves with either cork or silver bullets. Shoot non-stop to defeat the spirits hiding among the goodies to reach the haunted house. In Carnival Mode, you can experience two different stages that involve shooting spirits and winning tokens. Shoot as many goodies as you can and defeat the spirits in disguise. Defeating them will earn you Spirit Seals, and when you earn enough to max your Spirit Gauge, you'll be able to proceed to the haunted house stage. Defeat the onslaught of spirit attacks as you move deeper into the haunted house. Can you defeat the final boss and earn special bonus rewards?

In Party Mode you and up to two friends can choose from 19 minigames. Team up or challenge each other as you battle the ghosts! Get access to the Spirit Stairway Challenge when you unlock all of the minigames in Party Mode! Minigames await you on each stair – the higher you go the more challenging the games become! Spirits lay in wait to thwart your ascent and beware the Bosses who lurk in wait. Two staircases will challenge your skills as you aim to eliminate all the Spirits on your way to Victory!