VIRCHE EVERMORE -ERROR: SALVATION - Standard Edition - Nintendo Switch™


In Western Europe is a small island called Alpeciel where the black flowers of misfortune grow. This island is ruled by a royal family – the Revpowells. However, this is not a regular island. The people of this island are born with a "death curse" and are doomed to die before age 23. Before they turn 23, their lungs cease to function and they die a slow death.

In order to combat the rapidly shrinking population, the powers that be managed to create a super technological advancement that allowed them to clone someone’s memory and body in the process called “ReLife”. 

The system that was created—a “memory download” - is where the body that dies by age 23 is discarded, and only the memories live on. Those who live forever through memory download are known as “relivers” and continue to resist their short lives.

Meanwhile, there was a girl known as the “God of Death,” as everyone she comes in contact with dies faster than normal. Just as she is about to end her life in regret, a mysterious man who calls himself the “Watchman of Death” appears before her.

Under the watchman’s guidance, the girl will approach the truth of the “various mysteries of death” that haunts the country, whether she likes it or not… Without knowing that despair is the fate that awaits those possessed by the god of death.

Release Date: 9th November 2023

Platform: Nintendo Switch™

Genre: Adventure Romance

Player(s): 1

Rating: PEGI 16


Publisher: Aksys Games