Inescapable - Standard Edition - PS4™

Inescapable - Standard Edition - PS4™

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Can you survive on an island with no rules and no way to escape?

Inescapable is a social thriller set in a tropical island resort: you’ve been kidnapped and forced to participate in a twisted reality TV show with 10 strangers. At the end of your stay, you’ll receive $500,000. There’s just one catch - on the island there are no rules, and no escape. 

Inescapable’s story explores human nature and how far people will go for social clout, wealth, and their own desires—and how much further they might be willing to go when they have permission to ignore the rules.

For the next 12 months, anything goes and not everyone is what they seem…

Key Features:

 - Music by composer Shinji Hosoe - from Zero Escape series

Release Date: Summer 2023

Platform: PlayStation®4

Genre: Social Thriller

Player(s): 1

Rating: PEGI 16 (Provisional)

Developer: Dreamloop Games

Publisher: Aksys Games

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